The Team

Susanne Lanciai

I am CEO and owner of Enggaarden. We have had this fantastic farm for 30 years, it’s from the 1700, placed in the most beautiful nature. What better could one create here than getting an old dream become true. A farm
with horses. A place where horse lovers could have peace to train and ride the horses with understanding, having a language that both, the horse and the rider, understands. How to balance the horse, how to make sure it is suppled, knowing the aids. Gaining the horses respect and vice versa. The goal must be to train and ride the horse with fine aids and one day from the seat alone. Perhaps even having a goal of being able to ride the horse by the thought alone. We want our place to be a peaceful place where the horse and its leader can undisturbed carry out their love and ambitions with full respect for the crew on the farm and its students and customer.

We say, as the golden role: Treat the other as you want to be treated. If you can keep this in, you will have a great time here at our farm. With freedom follows responsibility, so I don´t have to run the place on a daily basis anymore. Each team member has its area of responsibility. All do their best and that makes it all very easy. We have the best team in the world

Phone: 20 41 31 94

Michelle Wolf

My name is Michelle Wolf. I have ridden horses since I was 10 years old. In 1990 my mother started the riding school in Hornbaek after we moved there. In January 2001, we attended our first clinic with Bent Branderup, and we have never looked back since.
I have thanks to the support from my mother *Susanne Lanciai, had the pleasure of learning from many different trainers from 1990-2001. They have all played a very important role during my younger years. In 2001 I had the privilege and honour to work at Miguel Barrionuevo’s farm in Malaga.

Since the introduction to AAR in 2001, it has been a constant learning process. Every day I aim to learn and understand more.
Each horse and each student has shaped and developed me to who I am as a trainer, each and one of them has inspired me to seek a higher and lighter level of communication, for that I am very thankful.
For every new student and horse, I am rediscovering the Art of Riding all over again.
Communication is the highest form of art. Through which one can create and develop understanding. Feeling understood and to understand, no matter if it’s from a horse or a human perspective and no matter what level the horse or student may be on, is playing a very crucial part in my teaching.

🎓2003 Knight Test
🎓 2007 & 2013 Piaffe Test
🎓 2017 Levade Test
🎓 Licensed Bent Branderup Trainer ®️

Phone: 20 41 06 08

Sandra Larsson

I'm Sandra and I am responsible for the riding school and the stables at Enggaarden. I have been crazy and fascinated about horses since I was very young. I started to ride, when I was 9, to my moms horror (I was falling of a lot). But still I got my first pony, Katrine, when I was 10 years old.

My education as a stable manager started in 1991 and included an internship in Denmark followed by a school education, an internship in Switzerland and here at Enggaarden. And I’m still here.

How lucky am I, to have found this horse oasis? I have the privilege to work for a great boss and a great team, where we have and are always supporting each other in our up's and down's.

And let me not forget the horses. Each of the horses I have known and have been working with in all this years, has been my teacher. I have learned so much from them and am still learning. Isn’t it amazing? It really never stops, if we listen and open our eyes! Whether it is riding, training from the ground, grooming, leading them or being with them on the paddock. Or maybe have a coffee in the box...

🎓 Squire Test
🎓 Groundwork & Longe Test
🎓 Advanced Squire Test

Phone: 29 61 65 28

Of course it is not only the trainers, running the farm. We maynot forget to mention our stableman Richie, our always amazing interns and the lovely riding school girls, that are always helpful! 


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